The Stipends That Help With Low-Income and Underemployed Vets

What happens when an individual is away in the army had after a period of time has swiftly passed by, the college he was attending changed its courses and they even dropped your credits? This did happen to Domenico Fumarola who was deployed last year. After coming back and continuing two associate degrees online, he eventually wanted to finish the one degree he had started. But where do you go from their? Recently a program has been born that helps seek out a variety of people that fit a particular circumstance which focuses on veterans that have become underemployed or living within a low income region. Because of this grant the only thing Domenico Fumarola has to do is keep his GPA at a 2.5 setting. This is great, great news for any recent soldiers that have returned back home and seek a way to not only help finish school but by all means be finically secure while doing so.

For now Cincinnati’s Union Institute & University is the only known university that openly fuels this fire for a good purpose. From a bundle of anonymous donations to support the tuition, the Southern Midwest welcomes 15 veterans from that specific area. We hope that in fairly quick time more schools will join in and this will be a statewide advantage instead of a lottery shot. What Union Institute constitutes is that their main idea is geared to adult individuals that want to continue their studies. With the substantial grant, the veteran will have enough money to live on, pay tuition and even a bit more to cushion any expenses that may come after.

Domenico Fumarola is going for a business management bachelor that will surely guarantee a career even further towards his goals that he wants to accomplish.

To give you a complete list as to which states and counties this grant effects and to see if you happen to be in the right located area:

  • Ohio – Highland, Clermont, Brown, Adams, Hamilton, Warren and Butler.
  • Kentucky – Campbell, Pendleton, Gallatin, Boone, Kenton, Trimble, Owen, Bracken, Mason, Grant and Carroll
  • Indiana- Ohio, Fayette, Union, Dearborn, Ripley, Switzerland and Franklin

Those counties are within the grants means and if you wish to apply go to and the deadline is April 30.

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