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Davidson Fellows Scholarships for extraordinarity

Although in first reading it may sounds like freak show, this award is indeed very prestigious and not on last place big as amount. Davidson Institute for Talent Development awards young people of 18 years of age or less, who have completed significant piece of work in different fields.

These are annual prices that the institute awards are $50,000 for the first place winner, $25,000 for the second and $10,000 for the third. The prices are annual and for 2015 the deadline for applications is 11th February. You can apply and win only once. The categories are philosophy, technology, music, science, math and literature. There is also one more category: “Outside of the box”.

Davidson Fellows Scholarship Program is considered one of the 10 most generous in the world and one among the 7 most prestigious in USA.

To be eligible for it you need to be not more than 18 years old of 15th October 2015. There is no minimal age for application. Also you have to be either US citizen, or US resident; also if you are military you can be situated temporary outside the country without losing your application rights. The project that you will submit should be close to college graduate level, showing your depth of knowledge in any of the areas of study that the categories represent.

What should be your project? In short, it can be everything that the experts in the particular area count as meaningful, significant and contributive to the society. It can be: a prodigious performance, an interdisciplinary discovery, new high impact idea, innovative broad-range implication solution, important advancement that can be used as base and be built on, exceptionally creative application of existing knowledge and any other extraordinary accomplishment demonstration.

Complete your application here and if you still have any questions you can turn to If you have applied before, use the same account and don’t create new one.

When you submit the primary form of your application/ a portfolio, it will be revised and you will receive a letter saying if you are eligible or not and if you are, there will be description of the steps to follow. You will have to name a list of nominators (name and e-mail) that will have to fill Nominating Form and to submit it to Davidson Institute. In the end if your application is accepted, your parents will also receive an email with Parent Form link that should be filled.

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How big can education grants be?

Usually student scholarships are limited as amount and they hardly cover all the expenses that student may have: tuition fees, books, accommodation and a bunch of other stuff. Of course there are different education grants and some of them are everything else but small. Here are three of the biggest grants for education that you can find:

  1. Buick Achievers Scholarship Program.

This scholarship is one of the biggest in the world. It has the value of $25,000 per year and it is also renewable for period of four to five years if you are engineering student which makes its total value of about $100,000. The generous funding comes from GM Foundation. If you are dreaming to design and build the cars of tomorrow than you have pretty good chance to qualify for this scholarship. If you consider career in the car industry no matter if it will be engineering, design or business, you have to apply. Of course there is long list of criteria that you should meet but if you are female, minority member, veteran or military or dependent of one of them, your chances increase considerably. The other things that Buick Achievers seek are community involvement, school leader, volunteer worker, excellent student and many other things. The awards are 100 in number and are meant for freshmen or already enrolled students. And here you can get the full guidelines .

  1. Siemens Math, Science and Technology Award Scholarships.

Siemens in collaboration with College Board offers these scholarships. To get the scholarship you need to take part in one of the many regional competitions that end up with $3,000 price for the winner. This will qualify you for the next round and the national winner gets an award from $10,000 to $100,000. The other benefit is also that you will have the opportunity to see the campuses of many prestigious universities like: Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Texas at Austin, University of Notre Dame, Carnegie Mellon University and many others.

  1. Horatio Alger Scholarship Award.

This scholarship is based on financial need. It is meant for students with nigh performance and overcome great adversity. There are national and state awards. The national ones are $20,000 as amount each and the state ones you can check on this web page: . The criteria are different for every state, so check them carefully.

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It turns out that nowadays business is not only for economic purposes. More and more people find that business degree has wider implementation than just managing company because a lot of the strategies can be used as life philosophies. No matter if you pursueonline business degree or conventional one, it is an investment that often has to get outer support. For such cases were invent the student scholarships. Which are the most popular grants for education in business? Here you go the lining:

  1. Marc Beaumont Scholarship Fund.

It is given by the Academy of Arts and Sciences. To be eligible you need to pursue blending of your business education with entertainment and art industries requirements are minimum 3.3 of 4.0 GPA, full-time student currently enrolled. It’s not renewable and it is total $2,500.

  1. Women in Public Finance Scholarship.

It is available only for high school seniors with intention for enrolling in program in law, accounting or finance. The application is made through number of essays and should be submitted by the end of August of the previous year before the student university attendance.

  1. Cappex Business Majors Scholarship

This is renewable $1,000 grant for business students. Applications are open till the end of the year. There is no minimum GPA but the extracurricular activities and leadership potential are greatly valued.

  1. NFIB Young Entrepreneur Awards.

This is program that promotes students who have already started their own small business. The criteria to receive the award are exemplary leadership both at work and in classroom. The program started in 2003 and it’s open for applications every year till December 18th.

  1. John L. Carey Scholarship Program.

This is AICPA’s grant for accountancy students. It is $5,000 for 10 students and applications are opened from December to April every year.

  1. NSHMBA Foundation Scholarship Program.

This one varies from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on the need and the application details of the candidates. Only for students from Hispanic lineage, graduate level.

  1. CEO of Tomorrow Scholarship.

History of academic achievements and excellent leadership abilities is what you need to get this one-time scholarship of $2,500.

  1. Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship.

ACFE offers this to students from accounting, executive leadership, finance and business management. ACFE chooses 29 winners and awards sums from $1,000 to $10,000 to each of them. Get ready with three recommendation letters, essays and minimum part-time enrollment in accredited school if you want to compete for these awards.

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Many business owners have encountered the money problem in some moment of the existence of their business. Usually in this situation they are standing in front of the decision to get a loan or find business funding grants that will allow them expansion, going through tough moment or another thing. Usually when it comes to grants the first things most people think are the government grants. Truth is that also many profit and nonprofit organizations offer business grants to small business owners and here we talk for numbers from $5,000 to sums that contain six figures. Here is a list of some of the most popular American organizations that are funding businesses:

  1. Small Business Administration.

This is government agency that also supports non-government businesses. The grants SBA provides are not meant for expanding or starting a business. To receive them you need to provide solid proof that your project will be absolutely successful. It doesn’t matter if your organization is non profit or for-profit. Also the grants are separated in two sections: Construction and Non-Construction Grants. To see if your business falls into the criteria check here: .

  1. The Bank of America Foundation.

They support mainly non-profit organizations. For 2013 the BAF has given about $200 million in grants to organizations, visionary leaders and high-impact initiatives that aim in improvement of local communities, housing and other charitable causes. Their programs are not available for schools, sport organizations and many other initiatives. For full list of inappropriate candidates and description of the eligible ones see this page: .

  1. The Mission Main Street Grants.

This is program of Chase that offers 20 grants of $150,000 each to small businesses throughout USA. The awarded companies are selected on viewers’ choice principle. The awards are annual and you can apply for them from 3rd September till 3rd October. The vote is taken from the opening till 17th October and the awards are received in January on the next year. The criteria that you need to cover are basically less than 100 full-time employees a year and to have your business running for at least 2 years before the launch date of Mission Main Street. Also these grants are available only for profit organizations. For full list of the requirements check the Program Rules: .

And these are not all available organizations, keep looking for opportunities!

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The more and more the technologies advance, the easier it gets to have better education. But still it’s one expensive adventure, that’s why many young people choose the alternative way of gaining degree through online universities. The best thing for all those who have enrolled in such institution is that although they are online students they still have the right to use student scholarships.

There are special education grants for this kind of students. Usually they are smaller as amount compared to the financial aid that standard student receives but by definition the online students doesn’t have expenses for traveling, accommodation and so on.

  1. Check your college.

If you are in pursue of grants for education start with the college that you are enrolled or plan to enroll in. Give special attention to the scholarship section. There you will probably finds at least a couple of options. If you cannot find this information, write e-mail to the college itself.

  1. Distance education scholarships.

Another possibility is to try the universities that offer distance education. These are most of the big universities like DeVry University, Norwich University, Ashford University and so on. All of them offer full spectrum of undergraduate online programs and scholarships options in help of their students.

  1. Choose by classification.

Check the lists of the best/ most popular or another type of lining of the online universities (they are in it for a reason). These lists usually measure not only the quality of the education that you can get in these universities but also the social conditions that the schools provide to their students. According to the data collected from National Center for Education Statistics, Petersen’s and Distance Education Council the top 10 online colleges for 2014 are:

  1. Walden University.

  1. Post University.

  1. Independence University.

  1. Colorado State University.

  1. Liberty University.

  1. Kaplan University.

  1. Western Governors University.

  1. National University.

  1. Saint Leo University.

  1. Brandman University.

Don’t forget also to make good use of the scholarship search engines. A numerous sites on the web (including this one) offer mechanisms that allow you one way or another to run criteria that help you find the right school and scholarship for you. If your school doesn’t offer scholarships, try another source. There are a lot!

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The easiest way to find scholarships for college

Finding the right scholarship can seem a lot like planning a battle. There are no advices that can give you 100% security that you will succeed but there are tips that can make your scholarship crusade much easier.

  1. Researching the grant giver.

If you want to make a good impression and make your application to stand out from the pile, take the time to see what the organization that gives the scholarship really values. It won’t take you too much time but can add a lot to your essay evaluation. To get this easiest just read the page on the organization’s site where they describe their aims and values, aka “About us”.

  1. Community involvement helps a lot.

Volunteers are preferred when organizations choose to whom they give their money. If you are engaged in any kind of community service, your chances to get the desired scholarship rise with 15 to 20 %. Also this gives you wider list of possible scholarship offers because a lot of grants are given by non-profits that help others and they want to see the same in the people that receive their financial aid.

  1. Get that professional look.

It’s like job application, if you are not professional here, you won’t get paid. Clean your Facebook and other social networks’ accounts from inappropriate content create account in professional network and don’t become too “funny” in your CV and presentations.

  1. Try searching with search engine.

Start with this site, similar places contain a wide base of scholarships and advices how to get them.

  1. Optional questions must not be underestimated.

The more information and criteria you fill in your search, the more appropriate results you will get which will give you better chances to get the educational grant you need.

  1. Estimate the chances.

When you see the criteria you can assess on your own which of them you can’t cover, so go straight to the ones that you do.

  1. Every scholarship is an option.

Even if it doesn’t cover all your expenses, scholarship can be useful. Don’t skip even one because it may turn to be the one to turn your life around.

  1. Essay contests are preferable.

They often are neglected by the lazy students which automatically increases your chances.

  1. Do it with passion.

Let your personality shows when you apply with texts.

  1. Look around.

Local scholarships can be won easier than national and regional ones.

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