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The more and more the technologies advance, the easier it gets to have better education. But still it’s one expensive adventure, that’s why many young people choose the alternative way of gaining degree through online universities. The best thing for all those who have enrolled in such institution is that although they are online students they still have the right to use student scholarships.

There are special education grants for this kind of students. Usually they are smaller as amount compared to the financial aid that standard student receives but by definition the online students doesn’t have expenses for traveling, accommodation and so on.

  1. Check your college.

If you are in pursue of grants for education start with the college that you are enrolled or plan to enroll in. Give special attention to the scholarship section. There you will probably finds at least a couple of options. If you cannot find this information, write e-mail to the college itself.

  1. Distance education scholarships.

Another possibility is to try the universities that offer distance education. These are most of the big universities like DeVry University, Norwich University, Ashford University and so on. All of them offer full spectrum of undergraduate online programs and scholarships options in help of their students.

  1. Choose by classification.

Check the lists of the best/ most popular or another type of lining of the online universities (they are in it for a reason). These lists usually measure not only the quality of the education that you can get in these universities but also the social conditions that the schools provide to their students. According to the data collected from National Center for Education Statistics, Petersen’s and Distance Education Council the top 10 online colleges for 2014 are:

  1. Walden University.

  1. Post University.

  1. Independence University.

  1. Colorado State University.

  1. Liberty University.

  1. Kaplan University.

  1. Western Governors University.

  1. National University.

  1. Saint Leo University.

  1. Brandman University.

Don’t forget also to make good use of the scholarship search engines. A numerous sites on the web (including this one) offer mechanisms that allow you one way or another to run criteria that help you find the right school and scholarship for you. If your school doesn’t offer scholarships, try another source. There are a lot!

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