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What grants are available for online universities?

In our age of technology and communication, it’s no longer mandatory to be physically in a certain country or city to be a student in the university. You can pursue degree online in almost any field: literature, art, even you can get online business degree. There are a lot of classical universities that offer such option and there are also schools that are primary online. What is important is always to remember to check if the school you have chosen is accredited.

Only in the USA there are over 260 online colleges. These include most state universities. Usually part or all of the offered campus programs are also available for online students. For more information about the online colleges in USA, see this link:

Although it may seem easier than the traditional education, getting online degree has similar difficulties: funding, time, studying. For the funding you have a chance to get scholarship like in a standard university. Most online universities offer a list of the financial aids that are available for their students but there are also a couple of federal grants that may come in handy:

  1. Federal Pell Grant.

It’s well known grant for the campus students. If you are online student, you can also compete for it. It is meant for students that need financial aid and if your family outcomes are below $20,000, you have better chances to get it.

  1. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant.

The qualification for these grants is made by the financial aid office o f your college. They are meant as extra help to the neediest students. They are additional even if you already receive another scholarship or other form of financial support. About 4,000 colleges participate in this program and keep in mind that the supplemental grants are only for undergraduate students.

  1. Academic Competitiveness Grant.

This additional scholarship is for sophomore and freshmen students with 3.0 college GPA and completion of a rigorous high school program.

  1. National SMART Grant.

The National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant is also supplemental grant that can be added to the Pell one. You must be in your last two years of undergraduate study. If you have interests in the fields of math, engineering, technology, foreign language or life and physical sciences, this grant can add up to $4,000 to your incomes.

  1. Federal Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant.

These are just a couple of options, keep your eyes open for other.

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Pell grants for online students

The Pell grants is one of the most popular grants that help students with low incomes to go through their studies. Most people don’t know that it is available not only for campus studies but also for students that have been enrolled in online colleges or online universities.

Basically the process of application goes the same way as the application made by campus students. You need to fill up Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA). To be eligible for Pell grant you need to be American citizen, eligible non-citizen or permanent resident. Your online degree should be your first, if you already have professional or bachelor’s degree, you cannot apply for Pell grant. You have to demonstrate your financial need through the FASFA. You need also to present your GED or high school diploma. You need to present prove that you are pursuing admission or you are already enrolled in legitimately accredited online educational institution. You can’t be in prison or to have unpaid student loan.

It’s important to know if your university or college is accredited because only educational institutions which have been accredited by authorized agency can enroll in financial aid federal program. Check the school you have chosen in the databases of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the U.S. Department of Education, there you will find a list of accredited agencies. Check if the one that accredited your school is in it, if not, just quit the idea of studying in it. The best known agency for online education accreditation is the Distance Education and Training Council Accrediting Commission. It has been recognized for 30 years by the Department of Education.

You have two ways to fill your FASFA: online or through mail. As the papers for FASFA are available only on request you need to connect to the Federal Student Aid Center (1-800-4-FED-AID) or to download PDF document from the FASFA website: Keep in mind that FASFA documents filling is annual task as long as you are studying. Forgetting to present them will lead to your automatic leaving of the financial aid program.

To complete the FASFA you will need Social security number/ permanent resident card or alien registration card; bank statements; investment records and for the previous year – federal tax return; W-2 forms; parents’ or spouse’s federal tax return; untaxed incomes. FASFA application admissions start from January 1st.

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