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The easiest way to find scholarships for college

Finding the right scholarship can seem a lot like planning a battle. There are no advices that can give you 100% security that you will succeed but there are tips that can make your scholarship crusade much easier.

  1. Researching the grant giver.

If you want to make a good impression and make your application to stand out from the pile, take the time to see what the organization that gives the scholarship really values. It won’t take you too much time but can add a lot to your essay evaluation. To get this easiest just read the page on the organization’s site where they describe their aims and values, aka “About us”.

  1. Community involvement helps a lot.

Volunteers are preferred when organizations choose to whom they give their money. If you are engaged in any kind of community service, your chances to get the desired scholarship rise with 15 to 20 %. Also this gives you wider list of possible scholarship offers because a lot of grants are given by non-profits that help others and they want to see the same in the people that receive their financial aid.

  1. Get that professional look.

It’s like job application, if you are not professional here, you won’t get paid. Clean your Facebook and other social networks’ accounts from inappropriate content create account in professional network and don’t become too “funny” in your CV and presentations.

  1. Try searching with search engine.

Start with this site, similar places contain a wide base of scholarships and advices how to get them.

  1. Optional questions must not be underestimated.

The more information and criteria you fill in your search, the more appropriate results you will get which will give you better chances to get the educational grant you need.

  1. Estimate the chances.

When you see the criteria you can assess on your own which of them you can’t cover, so go straight to the ones that you do.

  1. Every scholarship is an option.

Even if it doesn’t cover all your expenses, scholarship can be useful. Don’t skip even one because it may turn to be the one to turn your life around.

  1. Essay contests are preferable.

They often are neglected by the lazy students which automatically increases your chances.

  1. Do it with passion.

Let your personality shows when you apply with texts.

  1. Look around.

Local scholarships can be won easier than national and regional ones.

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Pell grants for online students

The Pell grants is one of the most popular grants that help students with low incomes to go through their studies. Most people don’t know that it is available not only for campus studies but also for students that have been enrolled in online colleges or online universities.

Basically the process of application goes the same way as the application made by campus students. You need to fill up Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA). To be eligible for Pell grant you need to be American citizen, eligible non-citizen or permanent resident. Your online degree should be your first, if you already have professional or bachelor’s degree, you cannot apply for Pell grant. You have to demonstrate your financial need through the FASFA. You need also to present your GED or high school diploma. You need to present prove that you are pursuing admission or you are already enrolled in legitimately accredited online educational institution. You can’t be in prison or to have unpaid student loan.

It’s important to know if your university or college is accredited because only educational institutions which have been accredited by authorized agency can enroll in financial aid federal program. Check the school you have chosen in the databases of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the U.S. Department of Education, there you will find a list of accredited agencies. Check if the one that accredited your school is in it, if not, just quit the idea of studying in it. The best known agency for online education accreditation is the Distance Education and Training Council Accrediting Commission. It has been recognized for 30 years by the Department of Education.

You have two ways to fill your FASFA: online or through mail. As the papers for FASFA are available only on request you need to connect to the Federal Student Aid Center (1-800-4-FED-AID) or to download PDF document from the FASFA website: Keep in mind that FASFA documents filling is annual task as long as you are studying. Forgetting to present them will lead to your automatic leaving of the financial aid program.

To complete the FASFA you will need Social security number/ permanent resident card or alien registration card; bank statements; investment records and for the previous year – federal tax return; W-2 forms; parents’ or spouse’s federal tax return; untaxed incomes. FASFA application admissions start from January 1st.

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