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Are there college scholarships only for women?

When you are filling scholarships application, the last thing you think of is that your gender matters. Believe it or not no matter how “equal” and tolerant is out world, there are differences and sometimes being exactly woman can be an advantage. If you are a girl, here are a couple of scholarships for college meant exactly for women; some of them can be your chance for a better education. Here they are:

  • Caitlin Brondolo Charitable Foundation Golf Scholarship.

To be eligible for this scholarship you need to be high school senior, to have played golf during high school and to pursue academic development in American university. You should also play competitive collegiate golf and have 3.5 or higher GPA. You must have been high school golf team member for at least 2 years and you need to present an essay, transcripts and 3 recommendation letters in your application. The deadline is every year on 31st of May.

  • Visionary Integration Professionals Women in Technology Scholarship (VIPWITS).

Every year till 30th of April WITS offers student scholarships to women enrolled in two or four year educational programs in USA in the field of informational technologies and the related areas. The awards are up to $2,500 each. You can apply through essay that describes your solution to statewide or local IT problems. What matters also are: academic performance, leadership abilities, extracurricular activities and community involvement.

  • Central California Asia Pacific Women Scholarship.
  • Women in Marketing Scholarship.

The scholarship is offered by Blue Soda Promo, company member of Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC). The grant is $1,000 and it’s meant for qualified women attending college or university in Illinois or Wisconsin in persuasion of degree in advertising or marketing.

  • Charleston Women in International Trade Scholarship (CWIT).

Indeed these are four awards: two of $3,000 for college or university students that already attend school and two $1,500 awards for accepted in college high school seniors. You can apply7 for it till 23rd January every year and if you get it you will receive it on 9th April. To be eligible you have to be U. S. citizen, resident of South Carolina and to pursue degree in international trade and related fields.

These are just a couple of options and there are many more, remember that the easiest way to winning of scholarship is to seek through what makes you unique.

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Can grant get you a job after you finish your education?

This is the second major problem when you study: what you are going to do after it’s over? Yes you can find a grant to support your education in a given field, but after you finish your degree, there won’t be a grant? There is one grant actually that can give you long term plan: Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant.

The TEACH Grant allows students in the field of education and teaching to receive up to $4,000 every academic year till the end of their education and it guarantees you work for four years in secondary or primary school (or educational service agency)after you graduate. Well, the school will be one of low-income but you will have the chance to gain experience and better qualification and then you can aim in something higher.

There are of course conditions that you should meet if you want to qualify for the TEACH Grant:

  • You must participate in TEACH-aligned institution in graduate, post-baccalaureate or undergraduate program;
  • Be on an education professional track;
  • Your score on college admission test should be above 75;
  • You should maintain 3.25 grade points at least;
  • Also you will need to receive TEACH Grant counseling every year in which you will receive the aid;
  • Last but not least you will sign the Agreement to Serve (obligation that you will teach after graduating);

After you finish your study, you commit to teach in low-income K12 school for four years straight from the college. If this condition is not met, you will need to repay all money that you have received to the US Department of Education. If within eight years you don’t fulfill your pledge, the financial aid you got will default in a Direct Stafford loan and the interest will be charged from the date of your receiving of the subsidy.

One of the main advantages is that you don’t need to be in a financial need to be qualified for TEACH grant.

If after reading this you are interested in participation in the TEACH program, the first step is to visit your college financial aid office and to check if the school participates. Then you fill online FASFA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and you are already on the right track.

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