Small business grants through non-government organizations

Many business owners have encountered the money problem in some moment of the existence of their business. Usually in this situation they are standing in front of the decision to get a loan or find business funding grants that will allow them expansion, going through tough moment or another thing. Usually when it comes to grants the first things most people think are the government grants. Truth is that also many profit and nonprofit organizations offer business grants to small business owners and here we talk for numbers from $5,000 to sums that contain six figures. Here is a list of some of the most popular American organizations that are funding businesses:

  1. Small Business Administration.

This is government agency that also supports non-government businesses. The grants SBA provides are not meant for expanding or starting a business. To receive them you need to provide solid proof that your project will be absolutely successful. It doesn’t matter if your organization is non profit or for-profit. Also the grants are separated in two sections: Construction and Non-Construction Grants. To see if your business falls into the criteria check here: .

  1. The Bank of America Foundation.

They support mainly non-profit organizations. For 2013 the BAF has given about $200 million in grants to organizations, visionary leaders and high-impact initiatives that aim in improvement of local communities, housing and other charitable causes. Their programs are not available for schools, sport organizations and many other initiatives. For full list of inappropriate candidates and description of the eligible ones see this page: .

  1. The Mission Main Street Grants.

This is program of Chase that offers 20 grants of $150,000 each to small businesses throughout USA. The awarded companies are selected on viewers’ choice principle. The awards are annual and you can apply for them from 3rd September till 3rd October. The vote is taken from the opening till 17th October and the awards are received in January on the next year. The criteria that you need to cover are basically less than 100 full-time employees a year and to have your business running for at least 2 years before the launch date of Mission Main Street. Also these grants are available only for profit organizations. For full list of the requirements check the Program Rules: .

And these are not all available organizations, keep looking for opportunities!

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  3. I am a Zambian currently working in the Government. I have acquired land which is in extent of ten (10) hectares on which I intend to put up a piggery and Poultry business. Looking to a good start which can create an immediate impact on the market. The investment has commenced with putting up of two boreholes and initial foundations. Plans are to build and start production within six months of establishing the partnership. This land situated on the Great North road, is on title and in my name. I have registered a business whose details can be updated once a partner is identified. Intentions are that instead of borrowing, we get a partner who can bring in finance for us to operate together.

    I am looking for a partner especially foreign who could be interested in the project and partner with me for a long period of time.

    Looking forward to your response.

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