Are you ever too old to go to university with scholarship?

You are never too old to get back to school. This is not a slogan of organization that promotes lifetime-long learning; it’s just what it turns out when you start to search for scholarships for people over 30. For many people this is the first time they go to college, for some it is the second. Look what options you have if you are one of those who want to try college after 30.

  1. Boomer Benefits Scholarship.

It is available for American citizens of age over 50. Also you need to be enrolled in graduate, four or two-years program in university that have been accredited. To submit your application you need to present resume, application, transcript, letter of recommendation and application letter that describes how this education will help your career and community service history and its significance for the applicant. The choosing criteria will be your GPA that should be over 3, your community service and the letters of recommendation that you have given.

  1. Orville Redenbacher Second Start Scholarship.

You can obtain an application form for this scholarship by writing to Orville Redenbacher Second Start Scholarship Program; Box 4137; Blair, NE 68009. The scholarship aims at helping people who are returning to or are first time students. They can be enrolled in full-time or part-time program. The award itself is $1,000.

  1. Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship Program.

The $1,000 that this award will give you should be used for educational fees, room, board, tuition or other similar expenses. The form is open for application from 1st of August till the last day of December. To apply you need to fill this form and to write personal statement of 250 words on one of the three offered topics.

  1. AARP Foundation – WGU Educational Assistance Program.

This is program offered by the online college Western Governors University and the American Association of Retired People. It is for students over 40 and has value of $5,000. To apply you need to fill application form in one of the AARP Foundation field offices. The criteria for the choice will be your financial need, readiness for online study, academic record and current competency. The offices you can find in Colorado Springs; Seattle; Pittsburgh; Flint, Michigan; Waterloo/Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Melbourne, Florida.

So if you have decided to continue your education a couple of decades after high school, this is your chance to do it.

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